Teho Ropeyarn – Ulada Ikya Ami (Listening to Beforetime Stories)

Ulada Ikya Ami (Listening to Beforetime Stories) is Injinoo emerging artist Teho Ropeyarn’s latest exhibition at KickArts Contemporary Arts. It presents an overview of Injinoo culture and history from Northern Cape York Peninsula. Large-scale print works reveal narratives from dreamtime to colonisation, and into the current era.

Teho examines the internal and external impacts of culture through the myths, legends, historic rock art, and spirituality presented in this body of work. The cultural knowledge of the Gudang, Angkamuthi, Yadhaykana and Atambaya nations and their interconnectedness as Injinoo people sees the dynamic presentation of a contemporary fusion of these traditions.

Ulada Ikya Ami (Listening to Beforetime Stories) is on display at KickArts Contemporary Arts Gallery One from the 24th of June to the 19th of August 2017.  The official opening will take place as part of the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair on Thursday the 13th of July 2017, 2:30-3:30pm.

KickArts Contemporary Arts is located within the Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns at 96 Abbott Street. Look for the Giant Jelly Babies!


Who’s Kickin’ at KickArts!

Meet Injinoo emerging artist Teho Ropeyarn!

Teho Ropeyarn is an emerging artist from the community of Injinoo on the Cape York Peninsula who currently calls Cairns home.

Teho’s focus as a contemporary artist is to preserve and document the knowledge and stories passed down from Injinoo Elders.

Permitted by his Elders, Teho recreates these stories within artworks that express a contemporary approach to imagery, symbols and metaphors.  His work is featured in major collections including the National Gallery of Australia, the Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory, the University of Newcastle, the University of New South Wales and Cairns Regional Gallery.

Image: Michael Marzik