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A business with no sign is a sign of no business. So, let’s get colour working for you!

Colour matters and contrast matters especially when it comes to effective signage. Have you asked yourself what your colours say to your potential customers?

Can your customers see or even read your signage?

Colour is a crucial element to consider when creating all your signage. Humans love colour, colours convey messages, evoke emotions, and add brilliance to everyday things including your signs. It is easy to just add colour however have you thought about what the colours you would like to use mean? Who is going to respond to them, are they suited to your target market? For example, will using a colour that is psychologically more feminine deter your possible male customers?

Have you thought about how a small percentage of the population are colour blind and may find it hard to see colours that are used in close proximity together?

Then you have the simple fact that women and men see colour differently. I know…who would have thought?

When certain colour combinations are used side-by-side that are aesthetically pleasing to the human eye, we witness colour harmony.

This can either create contrast or use colours that use similar shades and tones, as long as they make sense together and create a visually satisfying effect.

High contrast is recommended on your signs when you require visibility and legibility. Your signage is ultimately the face of your business and you only get one opportunity to make that first impression.

It is highly beneficial to implement colour psychology and theory into your signage design process, this lets colour do the work for you. Pantone colour references should always be used to ensure your colour is correct and consistent across all signage and other aspects of your brand.

The most effective vehicle fleets are the ones where all the colour is consistent, there is no room for their audience to mistake them for another business.

It is beneficial to have your signage designed by a graphic designer with knowledge and the ability to guide you with design and the correct colours before being released into the world and cutting through the noise. At allsigns print & design we are passionate about working with you to produce effective, functional signage.

We work closely with you, sharing our passion and knowledge, whether you are starting from scratch or wanting to rebrand with a fresh new look. We are making the world more beautiful one sign at a time.

Ask: what else is possible?

Written by Jules Steer

Jules Steer is the Publisher of Oasis Magazine. With a career in Business Development spanning three decades, she's stressed, #blessed, and coffee obsessed ☕

A solo mum of four "determined", "focussed" and "energetic" young kids, she is often found with her head in her hands, lamenting her latest parenting fail.

A cricket-loving hip-hop tragic, very ordinary triathlete and champion cheerleader of all things #Cairns, Jules is easily recharged with Shiraz and Vodka - sometimes in the same glass.

Warning: Most situations get sweary quickly.