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We don’t like to generalise, but it is widely accepted that men prefer to put their head in the sand when it comes to addressing health issues. Ignorance is not bliss and early detection and treatment of health issues for both sexes tend to lead to better outcomes. Here are some of the more common men’s health issues that our GP’s can help with.


Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, can affect men at any age but is more prevalent in older men. There is a range of causes, both physical and psychological or a combination of both. Treatments are available and although it may not be completely curable, are usually sufficient to enable a return to a healthy sex life.

Cholesterol levels need to be kept in check to reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. Adopting healthy habits including a balanced diet and exercise help prevent high cholesterol levels. If your family has a history of heart disease it is wise to get your cholesterol levels checked more regularly but an annual check-up is reassuring for everybody.

… it is widely accepted that men prefer to put their head in the sand when it comes to addressing health issues …

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, affecting up to 1 in 7 men by the age of 75. While high-grade prostate cancer spreads quickly and can be fatal, for most men it’s a slow-growing disease that with appropriate care, most men can live with for many years without serious consequences. If you are experiencing ongoing changes in your toilet habits a visit to your doctor is recommended as early treatment has better outcomes.

STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) are a group of bacteria and viruses which can be transmitted through sexual contact. Common STIs in Australia include chlamydia, genital herpes & warts, gonorrhoea and hepatitis B. While some STIs are visibly obvious, other’s are much harder to detect. Safe sex is the best prevention and minimises the risk of unplanned pregnancies.


Signs of depression in men include prolonged periods of feeling sad, emotional and/or angry, an inability to sleep or concentrate and/or a lack of interest in one’s usual social activities. Depression, the feeling of sad or frustrated or powerless, can be triggered by a number of situations such as; health complications, alcohol or drug abuse, loneliness, unemployment and/or relationship difficulties. If you are ever concerned for an individuals wellbeing whether it is a friend, family member or total stranger, please talk to them and ask them if they are feeling ok. Remember to listen to what they feel they need to share and remind them that help is always available for those who are feeling less than OK.



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