The Aboriginal Carbon Foundation (AbCF) making a top 100 list of Australia’s Green Power Players exemplifies the organisation’s commitment to Traditional Owners, industry best practice and is a win for regional Australia, CEO said. 

AbCF CEO Rowan Foley said: “Making the top 100 is testament to the hard work we have been doing, not only in developing a first-class Indigenous company, but also our collaborative relationships with likeminded organisations, local people and big business.” 

“Our products and services are actually all about people.” 

“Tried and tested verification using a peer to peer strengths-based approach that identify environmental, social and cultural core benefits help organisations meet their reconciliation action plans, corporate social responsibilities as well as carbon neutrality.” 

“This approach generates local jobs which in turn stimulate local economies,” Mr Foley said. 

Recognised by the Australian Human Rights Commission as being best practice in the climate change space for their strengths-based verification approach, the AbCF made the Australian Newspaper’s inaugural Top 100 Green Power Players last week which rated the areas of renewable energy, climate action, net-zero ambition, carbon markets and the broader environment. 

The list showcases the top 100 innovators, developers, financiers, policymakers and activists who are bringing about positive environmental change and paving a path to a carbon-neutral future in Australia. 

Mr Foley said: “We are rubbing shoulders with some heavy hitters in this space and I feel incredibly proud the AbCF is on the list with tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes.” 

Other names identified by Alan Finkle AC (chair of the selection committee) included Bob Brown and Ricky Archer CEO of the North Australia Indigenous Land and Sea Alliance (NAILSMA).

The AbCF, a leader in the Australian carbon voluntary market for nature-based solutions, and the peer to peer strengths-based approach, does not rely upon the government or major corporations but is well supported by these entities. 

“We are working with landowners to produce Community and Farmer Credits that have verifiable environmental, social and cultural core benefits, which is what corporations want to support to keep investors and shareholders happy,” Mr Foley said. 

Australian Carbon Credit Units with verified environmental, social and cultural core benefits is the premium product domestically and internationally in the voluntary carbon market. 

Written by Jules Steer

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