Oasis Magazine offer Digital Marketing Packages tailored to your business starting from just $70 per week. These weekly packages each include Social Media Management, Blog Posts and Email Marketing as the primary focus. No matter your marketing budget, we can arrange a little something or a BIG something for your business. Get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss any of the below packages or request other marketing services.

PACKAGE 4 – $75 per week (excl GST)

– 1 x 30 min Strategy Call

– Creation of 5 x Social Media Posts per week

* Minimum commitment – 3 months 

PACKAGE 3 – $100 per week (excl GST)
– 1 x 30 min Strategy Call

– 5 x Social Media Posts per week (Published on your choice of two social media platforms)

* Minimum commitment – 3 months 

PACKAGE 2 – $150 per week (excl GST)
– 1 x 30 min Strategy Call

– 1 x Blog Post per month

– 1 x Email Marketing send per month

– 5 x Social Media Posts per week (Published on your choice of two social media platforms)

* Minimum commitment – 3 months 

PACKAGE 1 – $300 per week (excl GST)

– 1 x 30 min Strategy Call

– 1 x Blog Post per month

– 1 x Email Marketing send per month

– 7 x Social Media Posts per week (Published on your choice of two social media platforms)

– $5 Boost Budget per Facebook Post

– Ongoing Email Support & Marketing Consulting

* Minimum commitment – 3 months



1.1. Quotations are valid for a period of 30 consecutive days. 1.2 All quotations approved by client shall be accepted subject to these terms and conditions.


2.2 For all quotations $1000 and over, the client is to make a 50% payment at receipt of sign quotation and the remaining 50% at completion of project. 2.3 All payments are to be made in full within 7 days of the invoice date. If the client fails to make payment in accordance with the 7 day period, Oasis Magazine shall be entitled to charge an overdue fee of 5% for every month late. 2.4 Payment will be accepted by electronic payment only.


3.1 Any proof provided to a client remains the property of Oasis Magazine until client has paid for the work in full. 3.2 Oasis Magazine may use any artwork/design for its own promotion and portfolio use.


4.1 Client is entitled to a maximum of three (3) revisions per design. For any further changes a fee of $30/change will incur. Client will be advised of this before any further work is done. 4.2 All proofs are provided electronically. Should the client require a printed proof, an additional charge will apply.  4.3 Oasis Magazine must receive a written form of approval. Either by email, fax or hard copy before the artwork can be printed/used. 4.4 If proof is not replied to within 30 days, Oasis Magazine will deem the project as complete and send through an invoice accordingly. At this point Oasis Magazine will no longer be required to continue any work on the project. 4.5 It is the responsibility of the client to check all information and details displayed on the artwork are correct to avoid the cost of reprinting. 4.6 When colour artwork on screen it is not considered to be 100% accurate, should the client want a true reading of the colour they should request a colour proof.


5.1 Before a project can commence, client is to provide Oasis Magazine with a thorough brief detailing all of their thought through instructions. This also includes any preferred colours and sizes. 5.2 Copy should be provided with all grammar and spelling mistakes corrected. Client copy will go across to artwork exactly how it is provided to Oasis Magazine  5.3 If the client should require Oasis Magazine to provide copywriting services and stock images, an additional fee will apply. 5.4 Any discs, samples or imagery provided by client should be second copies. Oasis Magazine is not responsible for loss of client documents.


6.1 At the completion of the project client will receive a print ready PDF supplied with trim marks, bleed and any other requirements the printer should request. 6.2 For logo design packages, client will receive the following: – CMYK colour format: PDF, EPS & JPEG – Mono colour format: PDF EPS & JPEG – WEB – RGB colour format: JPEG 6.3 Should the client require editable documents, an additional release fee will be charged. This will be determined according to the size and complexity of the project.


7.1 The client agrees to provide timely responses to Oasis Magazine after receiving proofs and information requests. The client shall have 30 days to respond to each draft. If the client fails to respond within the 30 day period, Oasis Magazine will deem the project complete and invoice client accordingly. 7.2 Should client be delayed in providing Oasis Magazine with material for the project, the original agreed deadline would alter depending on delay time. 7.3 Should client require artwork in less than 24 hours and outside of the normal work hours (8am – 5pm) a rush/after hours fee of $45 will be charged.


8.1 Oasis Magazine shall not be liable for any failure or delay in artwork where such failure or delay is wholly or partly due to any causes or circumstances outside the reasonable control of Oasis Magazine such as power outages, equipment faults and natural disasters.


9.1 Any cancellations made by the client after the proof will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the quoted price. 9.2 Oasis Magazine has the right to cancel a project at any time should they feel the project is not in alignment with the ethos of Oasis Magazine


10.1 ILLUSTRATIONS – Illustrations are a separate service and will be quoted separately should they be required through a project. 10.2 COPY WRITING – Oasis Magazine does provide a copy writing service however will need to be requested from the client and additional charges apply. 10.3 PRINTING & PREPRESS SERVICE – Oasis Magazine offers a service to liaise with printers and prepress through our project. This will be charged at a printing liaise fee. 10.4 MEETINGS – Each client is entitled to one consultation meeting with Oasis Magazine.  Any consultations after this will be charged out at a call out fee of $15/meeting.