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The Women’s Yarning Place is a perfect example of the power of partnerships. Taking a vision and making it a reality is exciting, however, keeping that vision alive is another story. When people partner amazing outcomes are achieved. On most occasions it is organisations that receive acknowledgment, yet in reality it is the relationship and trust between individuals within those organisations that make ‘things’ happen.

The success of the Women’s Yarning Place is all about relationships. The women who actively engage with the Yarning Place – many of whom are there every day – now describe their relationships with other women as ‘family’. That feeling of ‘family’ really describes a sense of belonging, feeling valued, cared for and respected. It is these feelings that allow all of us to grow, develop and become the best version of ourselves.

We are so blessed living in the Tropical North because we have a strong sense of community. The Yarning Place is a thriving community where vulnerable women feel supported and safe. This would not have come about without the support of Tony Breuer – owner of Cairns Villla & Leisure Park, Zonta Club of Cairns, the Cairns Men Shed, the Rotary Clubs of Cairns, Cairns Sunrise and Cairns Trinity, Ruth’s Women’s Shelter, Status Plus and Instyle Curtains & Blinds.

Women who have never used a sewing machine are now smashing out scrunchies – all the rage if you have a teenage daughter. Young women are teaching older women how to make jewellery. Other women are taking seeds and growing them into plants. Some of these items will be sold and some gifted. Access to computers and support to manage some of those more difficult jobs like navigating MyGov without computer literacy takes pressure off women, who then begin to open up about personal challenges and lived experiences. This is where we begin to see real change. All of this happens organically and has only happened because of partnerships with incredible people who believe in supporting those less fortunate than themselves. The Women’s Yarning Place is open Monday to Friday. To create a sense of safety it is open only to women, however, moves are afoot to create a similar space for men. The Yarning Place does not receive funding and relies on donations and volunteers willing to share skills.

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Written by Jules Steer

Jules Steer is the Publisher of Oasis Magazine. With a career in Business Development spanning three decades, she's stressed, #blessed, and coffee obsessed ☕

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