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Well … it’s safe to say … I don’t think anyone imagined 2020 quite this way! What a whirlwind the past few months have been … I mean, where do I start?

For some of us, COVID19 meant having time to slow down, to spend time at home with our kids, cleaning out cupboards, gardening and baking. For others, this past three months has represented true hardship, emotionally and financially, as they imagined life after lockdown, inventing ways to rebuild what they had, and often coming to the realisation that rebuilding what they previously had may not be possible. In some way or another, there has been a constant struggle day to day.

For each and every one of us, our feelings during these months are all valid, it’s times like these we see our community and true friends come together. It makes us reflect on the true meaning of happiness, forces us to change things and it has given us the opportunity to live like Maria Kondo.

And now, as we venture out of isolation and find the new normal, I’m quite surprised – actually very grateful – to see that many of you didn’t have an overwhelming urge to cut and colour your own hair during lockdown. Give yourselves a round of applause, ladies! I’m proud of you!

The Australian government deemed that hairdressers are an essential service (which to be honest completely threw me). I mean, thank you, I love making women look beautiful – but really?

Regardless, here at Blended, we closed our doors for a month or so to do our part in helping to stop the spread of Coronavirus. And upon our return to trading, I have noticed some really beautiful trends occurring.

With the brakes screeching on social events, it seems most of our clients have chosen to embrace their long lost curls, or chosen a transition to a grey blend colour, while some are experimenting with more daring cuts.

EMBRACE YOUR CURLS: Do you have long lost curls hiding? And have you spent most of your past trying to hide them? There’s no time like now to learn to love those locks.

Hot tip – follow “The Curly Girl Method”. It’s a simple idea, teaching how to wash less, condition more, some curl-friendly brushing techniques and daily habits to help encourage a good curl. And yes – there is such a thing!

TRANSITION TO GREY BLENDS: Heads up, ladies! This does not mean growing out your greys in full! “Grey blend” refers to a subtle mix of natural grey and complimentary colours.

This technique can be done with foils or solid colours without the coverage. And when done correctly, (namely, by a qualified stylist in a salon) this look is the epitome of style.

DARING HAIRCUTS: There’s no better time than a pandemic to try out a new style. The change can be small, like a fringe or layers. Or perhaps you have been thinking of a beautiful pixie cut, a dramatic concave or even a long bob. Now is the time to do it!

Whatever you may be thinking, why not give it a go? Events still haven’t opened up, so give yourself a chance to love your new style and wear it with confidence. And remember, we offer a complimentary consultation. Simply text “OASIS” to 0423 628 307.  Blended Hair Salon


Written by Jules Steer